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The probate judges in the State of Alabama are the ones who appoint and commission notaries in their respective counties. The information on the appointed and commissioned notaries are then reported by the probate judges to the Secretary of State.

It is important to remember that the Secretary of State does not appoint or commission notaries.

The requirements to become an Alabama notary public are as follows:

  1. Minimum age of 18 years
  2. An Alabama Resident for at least a day
  3. Able to read and write English
  4. No major convictions
  5. Seal
  6. Journal
  7. $25,000 bond
  8. $11-$25 application fee (varies by county)

Steps to become a notary public in Alabama:

1. Contact your county's Judge of Probate and obtain information about their notary procedures. You can search for the mailing address and phone number of the probate judge at this link:

2. Get your state-required bond, official seal, and other supplies.

3. Complete notary application procedures given by your county.

As an option, you can take an online training course before going through the process of becoming an Alabama notary public.

If you can afford it, you can avail of National Notary Association's Alabama notary package that starts at $109.

Duties and Responsibilities

As an Alabama notary public, you are bound to the duties and responsibilities stated in the Code of Alabama. You can read the latest legislation involving notaries public here: Act 2011-295.

You may also visit the Alabama Attorney General’s opinions on notary law at the official Opinions Search page.

Term of Office

An Alabama Notary Public’s term of office is four (4) years.

Alabama Notary Fees

As an Alabama Notary Public, these are the fees for notarizations and other notarial acts:


Not specified


Not specified, but this act is related to Oaths with the omission of a reference to a higher authority.

Certificate and Seal for other acts

50 cents

Copies from a registrer

20 cents for each 100 words

Certificates and seals to copies

25 cents


Not mentioned in the text.


Not specifically mentioned. However, a seal is generally necessary for a Jurat.

Oaths, Certificates, and Seals

50 cents

Proof of Execution

This is not covered in the statutes.


$1.50 + postage


50 cents for affixing seal of office.

Find a Notary in Alabama

The records of all appointed and commissioned Alabama notaries are viewable by the general public. You can search using the Secretary of State's Government Records Inquiry System or you can use FindNotary to easily find a notary in Alabama.


  1. Alabama Secretary of State Notaries Public
  2. Authentication Division of the Alabama Office of the Secretary of State
  3. Alabama Notary Public Bond
  4. Alabama Notary Seals and Supplies

For more information on how to become an Alabama Notary, visit Alabama Notary Public’s website at You can also contact their office at (334) 242-7200 or visit them at P.O. Box 5616, Montgomery, AL 36103.

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