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Notaries public in the State of Montana are commissioned by the Montana Secretary of State. If you are a first time notary applicant, you are required to read the Montana Notary Handbook.

Requirements to become a notary public in Montana:

  1. At least 18 years old
  2. A legal Montana resident for at least 30 days before the application
  3. No major conviction

Steps to become a Montana Notary Public:

1. Take the certified notary training course.

2. Get a surety bond in the sum of $10,000 from a surety or insurance company.

3. Complete the notary application form. Read and follow the instructions carefully.

4. After receiving your bond, check the following:

a. Your name and signature on the application form and bond should be exactly the same.

b. The city and county on the bond is the address where you live, not where your work.

c. Sign the bond on the "Principal" line.

d. The bond's effectivity date should be 30 days before or after your application will be received in the Secretary of State's office.

5. Prepare a $25 filing fee via check or money order.

6. Submit all the required documents and fee to:

Linda McCulloch

Secretary of State

PO Box 202801

Helena, MT 59620-2801

7. Wait for your commission certificate to be mailed by the Secretary of State's office within ten days to two weeks.

Term of Office

Each notary public in the State of Montana are given a total term of four (4) years in office.

Montana Notary Fees

As a notary public in Montana, these are the fees for notarial services and other notarial acts:





Oaths & Affirmations


Certified Copies

No Official Price


$5.00 for initial signature, $1.00 for each additional signature


$3.50 per page


$3.50 per page

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For more information on how to become a Montana Notary, visit the Montana Notary Public website at You can also contact them at (406) 444-5379, or visit their office at 1236 6th Avenue, Helena, Montana 59601.

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