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Notaries public in the State of Wisconsin are appointed by the Governor or Department of Financial Institutions. As a first time applicant, it is important to understand the notary duties and responsibilities by reading the Wyoming Notary Public Information Brochure.

Requirements to become a notary public in Wisconsin:

  1. At least 18 years old
  2. A United States resident
  3. Completed at least an eighth grade education
  4. No major convictions

Steps to become a Wisconsin Notary Public:

1. Complete the Four-Year Commission Notary Public Application Form. Read and follow the instructions carefully.

2. Take the Notary Tutorial Exam.

3. Obtain a notary bond in the amount of $500 from a surety or insurance company.

4. Prepare a $20 filing fee via check made payable to "Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions".

5. Submit all the required documents and fee to:

Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions

Notary Records

P. O. Box 7847

Madison, WI 53707-7847

6. Once your application is approved, the Department of Financial Institutions will mail your commission certificate.

If you are a Wisconsin Attorney, you must use the Attorney Permanent Application Form.

Term of Office

The commission term of a notary public in Wisconsin is four (4) years. Wisconsin Attorneys who are appointed as notaries public have a lifetime term of office.

Wisconsin Notary Fees

As a notary public in Wisconsin, these are your fees for notarial services and other notarial acts:




$0.50 per page for drawing plus 12 cents per page for copying


No specified fee

Oaths & Affirmations

No specified fee


$1.00 for drawing and copy of protest for

nonpayment of a promissory note or bill of exchange, or the non-acceptance of such a bill 50 cents for

drawing,copying, or serving every other protest.

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The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions’ website has provided a searchable notary database. Alternatively, you can use FindNotary for a much easier way to find a notary in Wisconsin. We have the largest directory for notary public, mobile notaries, and notary services for Wisconsin and the entire United States.


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For more information on how to become a Wisconsin Notary, visit the Wisconsin Notary Public website at You can also contact them at (608) 266-8915, or visit their office at 345 W Washington Ave., Madison, Wisconsin 53703.

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